Company Miles: Ed Hicks

Company Miles: Ed Hicks

From the age of three, Ed Hicks grew up around cars. The west Tulsa native enjoyed spending much of his time playing in his grandfather’s garage. In middle school and high school, Ed spent his afternoons and weekends helping out at his grandfather’s auto parts store. When it comes to working on cars, Ed says “It’s something I enjoy to this day.”

Before graduating high school, Ed was recruited to work in area dealerships and enjoyed the first 12 years of his career as a parts manager for Chrysler Plymouth before he started his journey with Mercedes-Benz. In 1991, the dealership on 11th Street was purchased and became Jackie Cooper Imports where he recently celebrated 40 years as a Mercedes-Benz salesman.

During this time, Ed has sold more than 5,000 vehicles. “It’s not really so much a job. It’s kind of a hobby,” he said. “Most of the people who buy cars from me, I’ve known for a long time. They come in and have coffee with me. It isn’t like working. You get paid for something you enjoy. How can you beat that?” Ed estimates nearly 80 percent of his business comes from repeat customers and the life-long relationships that he has created throughout his career.

“In my automotive experience, there is no perfect salesman, but he’s as close to perfect as one could ask for. I would take a hundred of him.”

   — Greg Kach, Co-Owner and Dealer Principal of Jackie Cooper Imports
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