Company Miles: Hugh Mannisto

Company Miles: Hugh Mannisto

Let’s hear it for Hugh Mannisto who is celebrating his 15th year with Mercedes-Benz!

Starting his career in engineering services, Hugh worked in the Engineering Test Center and then moved to Dealer Workshop Services where he handled Xentry hardware and software distribution. In 2011, Hugh began working in Technical Training in MB Academy where he gained experience as a trainer in Montvale and now at the new Robbinsville, NJ Learning and Performance Center (LPC). During his tenure at MBUSA, Hugh has built a stellar reputation for being a reliable and knowledgeable asset to MBUSA, and we can always count on him to assist in any way possible.

We are honored to have him as a colleague at MB Academy. Check out the photos below from our recognition presentation which we held in front of the course attendees at the LPC.

hugh 1.jpg
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