Greatness Lives Here: Eliminating a Crime Hidden in Plain Sight

Greatness Lives Here: Eliminating a Crime Hidden in Plain Sight

As a schoolteacher in the state of Georgia, Atlanta native Susan Norris spent time every week with children between the ages of 11 and 14.

When Susan learned there are nearly 300 victims of sex trafficking daily in Atlanta, she was startled to think the children she cared for could be the prime targets. This realization spurred Susan to start Rescuing Hope, Inc., a nonprofit organization with a vision to eradicate sex trafficking in the U.S.

Rescuing Hope carries out its mission by partnering with organizations, volunteers, law enforcement and more to bring awareness to this issue and provide resources to sex trafficking survivors.

In addition, they aim to educate schools, business owners and students about the dangers of the industry – which is often described as the crime “hidden in plain sight” – so that no other person or family must endure the pain associated with this industry.

“It’s my dream…to give [survivors] whatever resources and support that I possibly can so that they can get to that destiny they wanted.”

Learn more about Rescuing Hope’s story below and check out more from our GLH Heroes at the GLH Facebook page.

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