Greatness Lives Here: Small Classrooms Make a Big Impact at Kindezi

Greatness Lives Here: Small Classrooms Make a Big Impact at Kindezi

It takes a village to raise a child, and Dean Leeper is creating the ideal community to teach students.

Our newest Greatness Lives Here partner created The Kindezi Schools, which are public schools centered around customized curriculum and smaller classroom sizes to nurture the genius in each student. The word Kindezi means “the art by which a community holistically raises a child together.”

With a master’s of education from Harvard University and years of teaching experience, Dean founded the school in 2010 to help low-income students in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. His charter school’s model focuses on family-sized classrooms of six to eight students which promotes scholarly excellence, socioeconomic integration and project-based learning.

“I just felt viscerally if I just had seven kids, I could have a bigger impact on each one of these kids,” said Dean.

The Kindezi Schools pair students with talented teachers who tailor the curriculum to the learning style, interests and background of each student. Through these efforts, students flourish and test scores soar. In 2018, the Georgia Department of Education recognized Kindezi as one of the top 10 percent of schools in the state serving a high concentration of low-income students.

We are proud to support Dean’s program as part of our Greatness Lives Here initiative dedicated to empowering grassroots organizations in Atlanta.

Learn more about The Kindezi School and Dean Leeper’s story below and check out more from our GLH Heroes at the GLH Facebook page.

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