Company Miles: Karen Matri

Company Miles: Karen Matri

Congratulations to Karen Matri, Department Manager, Customer Advocacy, who is celebrating 20 years with MBUSA. Read on to learn more about Karen’s career at MBUSA.

I was lucky enough to work on the team that launched Maybach and SLR in the United States in 2002/2003. Before we had the studios built in the dealerships, we welcomed customers to the building at 3 Mercedes Drive in Montvale, NJ. Around this time, I flew to Germany to meet a couple at the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen to commission their Maybach 62. I met King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Albert of Monaco.

I drove the Maybach 62 to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for his 45th birthday in August of 2003. It was one of the first vehicles with rear entertainment screens and a remote. We had purchased the Thriller CD and made sure that it was playing when we sat in the back of the car.

In February 2006, we auctioned off the first US production Maybach 57S at the R&M Auction in Monterey, California. I convinced Jay Leno to be our auctioneer by offering to donate a portion of the proceeds to his favorite auction.

We commissioned a Maybach for Arnold Schwarzenegger and also worked with Paul McCartney, Jay-Z and Diddy.

Why do I love working for Mercedes-Benz? Opportunity and creativity – everything for Maybach and SLR had to be created afresh—every event, every customer outreach, every new feature. We created Customer Experience before it ever hit the general population and became a buzz word. I’ve had the opportunity to work with every area of the company and so many dealers. I have appreciated interacting with interesting people, as well as the trust they have placed in me.

My favorite role is the one I am in now. Today I manage an entire team of brand advocates. All of the experience I had gathered translated very well to leading a group of extremely talented individuals who solve complicated cases, negotiate successful outcomes and keep customers coming back to the brand. Just like with Maybach, we create each experience and have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions. I have no doubt that many of these talented people will have great futures at Mercedes-Benz.

Congrats, Karen! Here’s to many more exciting years.

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