Company Miles: Carol Ramirez

Company Miles: Carol Ramirez

Join us in congratulating Carol Ramirez who is marking her 25th anniversary with MBUSA. Read on to see what Carol had to say about her time at MBUSA.

My career at MBUSA has always been under the Customer Services umbrella. I started off at the CAC where I spent 13 years in multiple roles prior to moving to Engineering Services, After-Sales Business Development (ASBD), CASE, and back to ASBD.  I currently work on different programs and processes to improve dealer service profitability and retention while improving customer experience.

I have so many wonderful memories from 25 years at MBUSA. I am grateful for all the amazing moments and opportunities working here has provided. Whether it was my thrilling ride at the Poconos Race Track (Ontrack program), Customer Service’s Idol talent show or the long days and creative events associated with the National Parts and Service meeting, being part of this organization has given me enough memories to write a book!

Working for MBUSA has sometimes felt like a roller coaster ride, and like all good rides, I don’t want it to stop. I started working at MBUSA two months after turning 21 and didn’t think I would make a career here.  I was a young, female, Latina with immigrant parents in a time where diversity was not part of MBUSA’s strengths, as it is now. To say I was somewhat concerned about fitting in would be an understatement. However, I found myself surrounded by wonderful people who embraced me regardless of any differences and have been blessed that has always being the case.  

I enjoy working for MBUSA because the caliber of people throughout the years has always been the constant. Thank you to all those people who have come and gone or are still at this wonderful organization for making me the person I am and for impacting my life forever.

Congrats, Carol!

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