Company Miles: Desmond Hazel

Company Miles: Desmond Hazel

Congratulations are in order for Desmond Hazel, information security architect for the NAFTA region, who is celebrating his first anniversary with MBUSA. Read on to learn more about Desmond’s MBUSA experience so far.

My journey at MBUSA has been an adventurous one filled with tons of opportunities to exceed, excel and innovate. My role entails keeping our environment compliant and ensuring that we are safe against security risks.

One of my favorite memories is the Brand Immersion Experience where we get to learn about our product line up and drive our favorite vehicles. Experiencing the advanced safety features first-hand really gave me an appreciation for our tagline “The best or nothing!”

I enjoy working at MBUSA because I have the ability to make a difference in our workplace and be recognized for the success I’m able to contribute to. In October 2019, I was recognized as employee of the month within my department. It brought me joy to know that within my first year that the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish as ONE TEAM.

Congrats, Desmond. Here’s to a long and successful career at MBUSA!

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