Stylin’ Pets of 2021

Stylin’ Pets of 2021

As we celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we are reminded of just how fur-filling a role our pets play in our lives. Getting dressed up with nowhere to go takes on a new, uplifting meaning when our four-legged pals are right there with us in matching outfits.

Some people have festive sweaters for holidays, costumes for Halloween or decorative hats for special occasions, but what interests us most at this time are the outfits your fur babies adorn for all of the above.

Below are some photos we’ve received for National Dress Up Your Pet Day, including adorable images submitted by Dimitris Psillakis of his canine best friend Ektor.

If you have any photos of your cat, dog or any other pet in a stylish frock, please send them to us for an upcoming roundup.


Dimitris Psillakis’ Ektor
“When I see Greek yogurt, I get so excited that I almost drown myself.”

Melissa Bernard’s Lucy

Jeannette Brown’s Charlie

Steve Stamatopoulos’ Buck and Penny

Uli Friedl’s Bagel

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