Happy Campers: National Camping Month

Happy Campers: National Camping Month

It’s National Camping Month, and we’re ready to embrace the great outdoors. Check out these tips and tricks to get you started on your next camping adventure.

Play It Safe
First, let’s talk buddy system. Whether it’s your family or just your dog, bringing someone with you when exploring is an important rule of thumb. Pro tip: before embarking on your trip, leave a note or let your friends know your itinerary.

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind
Skunks and snakes and bears, oh my! To help avoid contact with bears and other critters, hang all food and waste away from your campsite. For more information and specifics on food storage, check out REI’s expert advice here. For tips on handling an unwelcomed guest, follow these instructions.

Smokey the Bear Rules
Before getting stoked about a campfire, familiarize yourself with burn bans and safety tips. To contain fires and protect from the wind, dig a shallow hole and surround it with rocks if a previously used firepit isn’t available. Plus, always keep a handy bucket of water nearby. Find more details on this website and check here for possible burn bans in Georgia.

The Wilderness Must Be Explored
Grab your backpack and prepare to blaze new trails! Discover hiking and running loops of varying difficulty, accessibility and terrain anywhere in the country with All Trails.

Got Supplies?
Packing for an adventure can include a lot from sleeping supplies, warm clothing, sunscreen, first-aid kits, kitchen gadgets and more. Once you’ve packed the basics, double check REI’s interactive camping checklist here to ensure you’re ready.

S’more Than a Feeling
Gather around the campfire and try these simple recipes ranging from trail mix and pizza sandwiches to foil-wrapped walking tacos and breakfast hash. Click here for a list of easy meals and treats.

Comment your favorite places to camp and additional tips that have helped you in your outdoor exploration. Happy hiking!

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