Upcoming Mercedes-AMG SL Shows Off Impressive New Architecture

Upcoming Mercedes-AMG SL Shows Off Impressive New Architecture

Mercedes-AMG is known for challenging the norm and consistently raising the bar in driving performance. What began in the 1950s with the iconic original Mercedes-Benz SL, boasting a low weight and a motorsport-derived chassis, has led to an all-new roadster icon, the Mercedes-AMG SL, developed for the first time by Mercedes-AMG. When the new SL takes the stage later this year, its basis will be a completely new vehicle architecture developed by Mercedes-AMG.

As with the first SL in 1952 – the new SL was created literally on a blank sheet of paper: not a single component was taken over from the preceding SL model or, for example, from the AMG GT Roadster. To meet the dynamic, comfort and safety requirements of the new roadster, our developers faced demanding specifications, requiring a more comprehensive scope than seen in previous models. Among the requirements were creating a basic 2+2 layout while delivering a driving performance on par with the AMG brand, focusing on handling dynamics while also meeting high comfort and safety expectations.

The entire vehicle concept is designed with the lowest possible center of gravity in mind. The intelligent material composition of aluminum, steel, magnesium and fiber composites ensures the highest possible rigidity with a low weight. Compared to previous model series, the new SL’s torsional stiffness has increased by 18 percent. The improved framework ensures sporty driving performance with the precise handling and high agility expected from AMG.

Despite the comprehensive requirements and relentless dedication to creating a flawless performance vehicle, development was implemented at a record-breaking pace, thanks in part to advantages realized through digital development processes utilized. Of course, the new Mercedes-AMG architecture also meets all internal Mercedes crash requirements, which, in many areas, are significantly stricter than legal requirements. Production of the new SL will take place at the Bremen plant, where the preceding model also rolled off the production line.

Expect the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL, a new interpretation of the icon, to make its global debut later this year.

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