Why I Give: David DeVore

Why I Give: David DeVore

Earlier this month, the Northern Region-Area D team volunteered to clean up the beach and lakefront at the southern end of Lake Michigan with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a non-profit working to protect, restore and conserve the fresh, natural waters of the Great Lakes.

Special shoutout to the whole team including Erin Brewer, David DeVore, Michael Dougherty, Kathleen Gommoll, Todd Grieco, James Guzman, Chris Kirby, Wade Messing, Sam Ramahi, Kimberly Sokolewicz, Bob Yeatman and Robert Zilinski.

These freshwater warriors showed up for the shores of one of our Great Lakes. Read more below as David Devore shares the team’s experience.

The weather was dicey, but then the sun came out and a rainbow appeared right at 5 p.m. when the event started – so cool!

We removed bucket loads of trash from the beach, and the most common items found were plastic waste.

We were inspired to do something as a team after [Kat Reynolds] presented on one of Adam Chamberlain’s team calls. I personally live very close to Lake Michigan, and many of our team live around the Great Lakes, so we know what a valuable resource it is.

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