August New Hires & Promotions

August New Hires & Promotions

Congratulations to our August new hires and promotions! See the list below of the team members we’re celebrating:

New Hires

  • Konstantinos Alymatiris, GM Controlling
  • Rohin Mahesh, IT Data Scientist
  • Andreas Bruno Bellgardt, Retail Trainer
  • Nageswara Borra, SAP SD/MM Functional Analyst
  • Gordon Graham, Supv Learning & Development
  • Solomon Chu, StockPro Analyst
  • Kevin Frazier, Warehouse Associate II
  • David Quintana, Warehouse Associate II
  • Elizabeth Moore, Warehouse Associate II
  • Travis Carroll, Warehouse Associate II
  • Edgar Carvajal, Warehouse Associate II
  • James David Lewis, GM Account Risk Management


  • Serena Rogers, Parts & Service Analyst
  • Marvin Sims, Dealer Parts Rep
  • Blake Golden, MB Academy Systems Supervisor
  • Tracy O’Neal Miller, Transportation Quality Spec
  • Kathleen Gommoll, Area Manager-D
  • Matthew Hayo, DM Digital Platforms
  • Vinayaka Vithal Jayanthi, DM Parts Finance & SAP Systems
  • Mark Thomas Rudell Jr., DM Remarket Price & Stock Mgmt
  • Kayle Dawn Winn, Quality Assurance Admin
  • Lester Perez, Site Support Proc
  • Nicholas James Gutierrez, AS Repting & Adv Analytics Sup
  • Karen Anne Large, Export Logistics Assistant Mgr
  • Pawel Trzeciak, Roadside Regional Lead
  • Wanda Lubiak-Schneider, Sales Operations Mgr – Mkt 9
  • Katherine Grove, Learn Mgmt Systems Analyst
  • Erin Nicole Hackney, Vehicle Logistics Analyst
  • Joseph Crock, Vehicle Logistics Spec
  • Scott Spradlin, Manager Marshalling Yard
  • Harry Montgomery, Ord & Allocation Fleet Analyst
  • Michael Robinson, PDC Foreperson
  • Amanda Painter , Internal Communications Specialist
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