Forbes Sparks up Conversation with Dimitri Psillakis

Forbes Sparks up Conversation with Dimitri Psillakis

“Now electric has its Mercedes.”

The EV revolution is coming to America, and our president sat down with Forbes to detail the company’s drive to be the most desired electric luxury brand.

Dimitri Psillakis discussed the brand’s highly anticipated, first fully electric vehicle from the EQ sub-brand and how it’s optimizing dealers for the launch.

“We have a very strong brand and a brand with a long history in the U.S. There’s a big network of dealers around the country who are very eager to receive the electric Mercedes-Benz.”

He also talked about the company’s adaptability during the pandemic, which accelerated the need for Mercedes and dealers to deliver an online retail experience equal to the first class physical retail experience synonymous with the brand.

“We’re dealing with a premium brand, and a premium brand means a premium brand experience. We want to be able to offer it physically, so customers can check vehicles and do negotiations and receive product. But also, we have customers who are scared by the pandemic or are busy or prefer to be totally online, and they can do everything through our online sales channel.”

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