Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta: Team and Table Build

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta: Team and Table Build

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammed Ali

To kick-off September, the MB Academy’s Retail Training Leadership Team took a break from electric curriculum conversations to build coffee tables with the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta. The Furniture Bank’s mission is to create stability for families and individuals in need by distributing donated furniture to turn their houses in to homes. With the support of volunteers and donations, the Furniture Bank is able to minimize the number of mattresses and furniture being diverted to landfills and employ homeless veterans in the trucking and warehouse industry.

On-site team building activities include the construction of kitchen tables, coffee tables and dressers that are distributed to Furniture Bank clients. This hands-on volunteer opportunity allowed the team to connect in-person for the first time in several months and give back in a unique way:

Volunteering at the Furniture Bank of Atlanta was an amazing way to (literally) team build and provide a service to the community. I felt like my actions were in direct connection with those in need of assistance. It was worthwhile and made me feel good. I especially loved gaining an understanding of the mattress recycling program. I was helping people and the environment all at once.” – Daymon Arnold, Retail Training Curriculum Design Supervisor, Mercedes-Benz Academy

Thank you to Daymon Arnold, Jason Fullman, Emily Rudel, Ian Brissette, Anthony Palladino, James Pierce, and Josh Mroczka for volunteering!

If you would like to plan a give back for your team with the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta, please contact Brynn Feulner at to set it up.

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