Engineering Creativity and Solving Problems with 3DE and MB Academy Volunteers

Engineering Creativity and Solving Problems with 3DE and MB Academy Volunteers

Earlier this month, MBUSA partnered with 3DE to virtually mold young minds at an educational competition among 10th grade students at MLK High School in Atlanta. 3DE by Junior Achievement re-engineers high school education to create engaging learning environments that are truly applicable to the real world, exposing students to both case methodology and business professionals across a variety of industries.

Volunteering with 3DE, the MB Academy conducted a case challenge for students centered around a particular challenge the company is facing and asked students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to help us come up with a solution. Spanning across three separate meetings, the challenge, introduced to students by CSR Specialist Brynn Feulner, was as followed:

How can the MB Academy use the MB Star Connect program to encourage employees to enroll and engage in virtual trainings?

A few weeks later, business coaches worked with the students as the competition heated up and they continued to develop their ideas and start to finalize their solutions. During the finale on October 15, the top 4 groups (selected by their teacher) presented their final solutions to our team of judges, David Young and Blake Golden. The teams did a fantastic job, and all solutions were packed full of creativity! The winning group presented a commercial that could be shown in the dealership – and we were all blown away!

“I was impressed by the students’ creativity and capability to produce engaging presentations. It was evident that each team put in a lot of work into preparing for the final event, which is a credit to them, their teachers, and the volunteers who helped them get to this point. I was thankful to have had the opportunity to share in the 3DE experience and meet some future superstars from our community. Side note – If I ever need help producing a TikTok video, I know where to go,” said David Young, Supervisor, Technician Recruitment, Development, & Retention.

Thank you to our business coaches, Ed Berkowitz, Aaron Stafford and Daymon Arnold, for sharing their expertise with the students.

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