MBUSA Hosts Daimler Chairman Ola Källenius at Atlanta Headquarters

MBUSA Hosts Daimler Chairman Ola Källenius at Atlanta Headquarters

On October 22, Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, traveled to our home office in Atlanta. From the moment he arrived, Ola’s schedule was packed. He met with the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board (MBDB) and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) and gave a presentation during MBUSA’s Q4 town hall, with media interviews in between meetings. He met in length with the Executive Management team eagerly discussing our MBUSA north star strategy, including the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

The highlight of Ola’s visit was his town hall presentation. He spoke about the current transformation, or ‘disruption’, in the traditional automotive industry. Ola noted how the company is committed to a fully electric fleet across all sub-brands by 2030. “We have to be on the forefront of these technological movements,” said Ola, noting that investment will help Mercedes set itself apart from other automotive brands. He thanked everyone’s dedication to the north star vision saying, “We appreciate your strong commitment to transform to being the most desirable electric luxury brand.”

During his remarks, Ola shared that Daimler is planning to build eight battery cell factories around the world, including one in the U.S. in Alabama, and working toward establishing a “digital mindset’ through the entire company which will help create a seamless customer journey from digital to physical.

With this visit serving as his first business trip in two years due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ola closed out his presentation by touching on the culture change at MBUSA, emphasizing hybrid work will be the new normal. He mentioned how Daimler fosters a hybrid workplace by valuing flexibility, accountability and trust, and recognized MBUSA’s efforts to do the same.

“Mercedes-Benz isn’t just sitting around watching and waiting to see how everything pans out. We are leading the change,” he said.

Finally, Ola joined Dimitri in recognizing the first recipients of our new Shining Star awards, all of whom were celebrated for their outstanding service to MBUSA.

We are incredibly thankful to Ola for making the trip to the U.S. and are already looking forward to his next visit!

Click here to watch Ola’s town hall and click here to view Ola’s LinkedIn post recapping his visit.

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