Q2 2021 Shining Star Award Winners

Q2 2021 Shining Star Award Winners

Our Shining Star Award Program was created to celebrate the best of our best. Each quarter, Department Managers, in partnership with the area General Manager, have the opportunity to nominate one or more team members who have made an extraordinary contribution in the previous quarter and who exemplify one or more of the “Time to Shine” mindset behaviors. Click here to review the contribution categories and mindset behaviors.

Congratulations to the Q2 2021 Shining Star Award WINNERS!


Carol Caruso, Sales Operations, VP Sales

Carol took on the task of re-establishing the very popular MB Employee Purchase program after an 18-month hiatus. Rather than simply re-starting the old program, which required significant manpower and was fraught with the potential for errors, Carol set out to do this in a better, smarter way and more customer friendly way.

Charles Vitale, ITT, VP IT

While everyone enjoyed the safety and the advantage of working from home even during the highest impact of COVID-19, Charles was in the office to support IT operation every single day, rain or shine, even at 4 a.m. in the morning. Thank you, Charles, for the extraordinarily positive impact to drive collaboration and provide the best customer experience.


Deborah Mackenzie, Parts Logistics, VP Customer Services

The last 12 months have certainly been the most challenging times for Parts Logistics. If you are a transportation professional during such times, you have two choices: get out, or, decide to take on the toughest challenge of your career. Deborah chose the latter. Using all her expertise, creativity and perseverance, she found solutions where none was in sight, hand-holding carriers and dealers, one part at a time. Deborah has decided to retire from MBUSA on December 31, 2021, after 40 years of Outstanding Service.


Christine Rabideau, Southern Region, VP Sales

Christine is always exploring and developing different tools and options, how to continuously improve the overall after-sales performance and customer experience, not just for the Region but also on behalf of MBUSA as a whole. Great examples are her cross-functional pro-active engagements with Engineering Services on supporting the HoloLens technology and her creative approach to improve the Takata completion rates nationwide.


Anthony Palladino, MB Academy, VP Customer Services

Anthony demonstrated his exceptional leadership and extraordinary contributions on the planning, development and execution of the highly successful EQS Retail launch training program. Anthony exhibited a “Time to Shine” mindset, by demonstrating perseverance, innovation and absolute “grit” during this time.


Ian Cookson, Engineering Services, VP Customer Services

Ian, despite many challenges and roadblocks, was successful in providing the new EQ to the entire Field Service Engineering team, in addition to participants from VPCs, ETC, PTS, and vehicle logistics. His determination and professionalism allowed MBUSA to be ready and provide the highest and safest level of service to our internal teams and customers.


We also want to use this opportunity to congratulate our FINALISTS:

David Wiese, MBUSA General Counsel, VP General Counsel

Hannah Wilder, Network Development, VP Network Development & Special Projects

Nina Prince, HR Operations

Praneeth Kumar Kalavai, After-Sales Business Development, VP Customer Services

Rachel Mathew, Vehicle Logistics/Distribution, VP Sales

Jackie Paisley, Southern Region, VP Sales

Michael Engedahl, Aftersales Commercial Vans, VP Vans

Mylon Nelson, Engineering Services, VP Customer Services

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