MBUSA Gives Back in December

MBUSA Gives Back in December

What a way to wrap up the year! Now that 2021 is in our rearview mirror, let’s look back at the volunteer efforts of our amazing colleagues last December with Safe Kids Worldwide, Together We Rise, Learning Ally, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Salvation Army, and more!

MBUSA Winterfest (Safe Kids Worldwide)

MBUSA hosted its second annual Winterfest event with Safe Kids Worldwide to support students and surrounding communities in Atlanta, Jacksonville and Birmingham. This amazing nonprofit organization works to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries.

Thank you to Rory Hepner, Austin Glymph, Sarah Cutler, Kelsie Freeman and Claudia Scott for their efforts coordinating this event. A special thanks to Kerstin Strayer, Tekari Sellers, Shauntae Prince, Madison Janssen, Rebecca Heyliger, Hanan Abasambi, Michel Corn, Jasmine Goodson, Wesley Grayson, Dexter Gregory, Tara Harvey, Donny Hicken, Alexis Hokke, Erica Lemus, Joseph Leonardi, Kristy Macgregor, Frank Masiello, Rachel Mathew, Holden Nuchols, Allen Sherdon, Claire Skuble, Anuja Sarah Thomas, Mark May, Dimple Sharma, James Lee, Mark Dzurinko, Tracy Miller, Joseph Crock, James Kasamis, Joseph Alvis, Courtney Armstrong, Denarrius Billups, Demarcus Billups, Amy Steele, Charles Salter, Richard Jewett, Christopher Tenore, Alexa Anderson, David Tait, Jack Winters, Igor Kurtisi and Jordan Camarena for volunteering their time!

December Week of Giving

From December 13 through December 17, MBUSA team members participated in a week of giving! We could not have done it without Nichole Harris and Latoshia Black who helped organize events and encourage IGNITE team members to give back to those in need this holiday season. A shout out to Community Assistance Center, Second Helpings Atlanta and the Midwest Food Bank jumped for hosting the events. Thank you to Jennifer Lanier, Ronnie Thomas, Braxton Calloway, Jason Fullman, Stephen Goodnough, Juan Guerrero, Dalicia Hollingsworth, Rebecca McHugh, Tina Moyer, Jack Pierce, Carol Ramierz, Matlyn Redd, Stephanie Scheigler and Shannon Lloyd for volunteering and making a difference.

Community Assistance Center for Essentials Drive and Thrift Store Support

Teams in Atlanta supported the Community Assistance Center (CAC) in Sandy Springs by participating in an essentials drive and volunteering in the thrift store. Thank you to Dianne Quinn, LaCretia McDaniel and Paul Harmon for coordinating for your teams and to Alan Katz, Angela Baker-Dies, Ashley Wood, Bradley Grayson, Christopher Duffner, David Damico, Dwayne Harris, Elizabeth Curry, Ethan Hunt, Frederick Evans, Genyne Mroz, Louis Sutherland, Jon Papavasillion, Mark Rudell, Matthew Molyneux, Sydney Kochli and Ryan McAvoy for your contributions. The CAC helps residents and families of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody facing emergency situations such as unexpected financial crisis, job loss, illness, divorce, flood or fire meet basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.

Together We Rise

The Customer Services Leadership team worked with Together We Rise to create STEM kits for children in the foster care system. Thank you to Allison Hildebrand for coordinating and to all participants: Dianna du Preez, Lisa Rosenfeld, Cai-Marc Ramhorst, Jay Schmid, Nikke Kiefer, David Tait, Marcus Yu, Janice Tucker, Christian Bokich, Michael Kunz, Gregory Gunther, Martin Larsson, Juergen Pietsch, Teresa Clemmer, Melissa Raines, Karen Matri, Turan Coratekin, Kevin Harty, Michael Basak and Richard Gerhart. Together We Rise aims to improve the experience of children in the foster care system through a variety of initiatives and volunteer team building experiences.

Learning Ally

MB Academy made a difference by supporting Learning Ally, a group focused on helping children who struggle with reading. Thank you to Nicholas Garner for coordinating and to Daymon Arnold, Allison Scenna, Julian Anaya, Lisa Rosenfeld, Sherif Alqallawi, Aaron Stafford, Matlyn Redd, Andreas Bellgardt, Ian Brissette, Michael Sircusa, Robert Tomlin, Victoria Thon, Stuart Klein, Benjamin Adaway and Charles Query for the time spent making a difference.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief

MBUSA team members in Charleston volunteered with Lowcountry Orphan Relief, an organization that provides goods and services to children who have been abused or neglected. Thank you to Ishas Jolly for coordinating and to our volunteers: Iain Forsyth, Stefanie Doemel, Paul Butler, Ali Mazandaranian, Daniel Guth, Donald Maxwell, Danielle Schaefer, Richard Duwel, Amanda Jensen and Patrick Wuertz.

Holiday Toy Drive with UNF Hospital and Salvation Army

Our Jacksonville and Long Branch team members made the holidays brighter for children by organizing a toy drive with UNF Hospital and the Salvation Army. Shout out to Claudia Scott and Alex Conway for coordinating and to Jordan Camarena, David Schumacher, Esme Custodio, Teri Clemmer, Justin Collins, Holly Hartmann, Tom Grycz, Igor Kurtisi, Chris Tenore, Ashley Wysotski, Jason Nail, David Tait, Ryan Emrie, Martin Kurth, Denise Giovatto, Sabu Alex, Shaun Roopnarine, Alexa Anderson, Jeff Hubbard, Jackie Paisley, Kari Park, Zak Bandy, Thomas Kluwe, Collin Buller, Jill Martinette, Brian Martinette, Virginia Gee, Terri Blumer, Cindy Bresnee and Courtney Pehl for contributing!

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