The VISION EQXX Concept Car Can Go the Distance

The VISION EQXX Concept Car Can Go the Distance

We’re shifting into high gear for the new year with the digital world premiere of the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX, an all-electric concept car with the ability to drive 620 miles (1,000 k/m) on a single charge.

To achieve this type of range, our engineers designed the most aerodynamic production car on the road. The VISION EQXX pushes the boundaries of engineering by completely reimagining the battery pack to be lighter and more powerful while an ultra-wide, single-screen display saves energy and maximizes a positive driving experience.

Not only does this futuristic luxury car surpass all other electric vehicle ranges, but it’s also leading the world in innovation with sustainable and recycled materials including seats made from leather alternatives, like cactus and mushroom fibers, door pulls made from biodegradable vegan silk and carpet made from bamboo.

To learn more about our vision for the future, visit the Mercedes me media site.

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