MBUSA Unveils Pioneering Advances at Technology and Innovation Day

MBUSA Unveils Pioneering Advances at Technology and Innovation Day

The future is looking bright! Last week, MBUSA hosted over 30 top-tier media at the Technology and Innovation Day in sunny California to showcase its leadership in the realms of technology, electric vehicles and autonomy.

Media were able to experience Mercedes-Benz autonomous capabilities firsthand, while they participated in S-Class co-drives equipped with the L3 DRIVE PILOT. With Mercedes-Benz engineers at the wheel, media were able to ride along in the passenger seat as the engineers explained and showed exactly how the system works. Mercedes-Benz is initially offering L3 DRIVE PILOT in Germany, where 8,197 miles of highway are approved for conditionally automated driving. As a result, the first customers will be able to buy an S-Class with DRIVE PILOT in the first half of 2022, enabling them to drive in conditionally automated mode at speeds of up to 40 mph in heavy traffic or congested situations on suitable stretches of highway in Germany. Mercedes-Benz is also working intensively to obtain approval from the authorities for the two U.S. states of California and Nevada by the end of the year, assuming the legal and regulatory framework allows use of the system. This ultimate luxury experience enables customers to win back precious time in the car through relaxation or productivity. For instance, they can communicate with work colleagues via in-car office tools, write messages and emails, browse the internet or just sit back, relax and watch a movie.

Other advancements within the realm of autonomy showcased during the event came with the opportunity for U.S. media to see the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT in action. INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT is designed to enable Automated Valet Parking in parking garages equipped with the corresponding infrastructure from Bosch. The system then makes it possible to drive and return from a reserved parking space – automatically with nobody in the vehicle. For the driver, all they need to do is download the Mercedes me Connect app which enables them to reserve a spot and retrieve their car with the simple press of a button. In Germany, some variants of the S-Class are the first series-production vehicles to offer pre-installation of the company’s INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT as optional equipment, with the EQS and EQE to follow later. Mercedes-Benz is evaluating whether pre-installation will be offered in the U.S. in the future through ongoing monitoring of the market.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz revealed the EQE, the second vehicle based on the EVA2 premium-class electric architecture, for the first time in the U.S. and showcased its technology program, VISION EQXX, which stresses how efficiency is a core component of luxury and will continue to be in the future through sustainable products and Ambition 2039, the company’s goal to have a carbon-neutral fleet.

From new electric vehicles and automated driving to sustainable efforts and carbon neutral goals, Mercedes-Benz is coding the future to be more advanced and electric while adding luxury into each element.

To find more details about these initiatives, read more about the valet parking program or key software developments.





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